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Subject: DOCBOOK: docbook.xsl VS chunk.xsl (xalan problems!)

   I've been using docbook lately for writing some notes and
I really want to get them into multiple files rather than one
single cumbersome file.  Anyway, I tried using chunk.xsl
instead of docbook.xsl (which was working fine!) by entering
the xalan directory and typing:

java -cp
jar org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -IN D:\EE557\notes\EE557.xml -PARAM
xalan.extensions 1 -XSL ../dbookxsl/html/chunk.xsl -OUT

However, using chunk.xsl I now get back:
(Location of error unknown)XSLT Error

Could anyone please clarify to me what is going on please?  And if possible
a suggestion as to how to fix it please!
Thanks in advance,

David Molloy

More details:
JDK - tried jdk1.4.0, jdk1.3.1, jdk1.2.2 - identical problem for each
Xalan_Java 2
Windows 2k

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