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Subject: DOCBOOK: docbook.dsl SGML-only?

Hm.  I'm still trying to track down the source of my problems.  I feel 
kind of foolish, as I suspect that some of the errors I posted recently 
came from trying to parse a file whose encoding didn't match the XML 
declaration.  I have changed the file to Unicode UTF-8, as per what I 
had in the declaration, and some of those errors have changed -- but 
there are some still present.  I won't repeat all of them, but the first 
one struck me as odd:

nwalsh/print/docbook.dsl:1:73:W: cannot generate system identifier for 
public text "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN"

Could it be that I cannot use this style sheet with the XML version of 
DocBook?  I noticed that most of the examples show the SGML version 
being used (http://docbook.org/tdg/en/html/appa.html).

Mighty confused,


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