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Subject: DOCBOOK: file encoding discoveries

I am still unable to successfully parse my documents, but I feel that I 
am getting closer.  For the sake of the archives, I would like to record 
some of my discoveries (even if these should have seemed obvious, I must 
have missed that part of "DocBook: TDG").

With a menu command, I was setting a byte order mark in my text editor 
(BBEdit for Mac OS X) so that the editor would know how to read the file 
if I opened it again.  This is apparently necessary because, while 
BBEdit will encode a file in Unicode as UTF-8, for cross-compatibility 
with other applications, it won't change the HFS+ filesystem file type 
to UTF8.  So the byte order mark (or a special option set when opening a 
file) is the way to do this.

I think this is not a good thing -- I may be mistaken, but it seems that 
the "character data can not be here" error message was being caused by 
this BOM.  So I have re-saved all of my documents without it.

More developments: while I started out with a DocBook/OpenJade 
distribution supplied from the Fink package manager for Mac OS X, which 
is a convenient way to install, it uses non-standard directories such as 
/sw rather than /usr/local.  This made it somewhat difficult to try to 
research the source of my problems, and perhaps some people who could 
have helped me on the DocBook lists have been unable to simply because 
it seems like I am using some non-standard DocBook distribution 
(although I have gotten a lot of helpful advice from people here in the 
past few days, so thank you).

So I just ended up manuallly installing DocBook as per the 
LinuxDocumentationProject mini-HOWTO.  There were some discrepancies, 
but I was wondering if every single tool is actually needed.  For 
instance, are any of the following required to simply use OpenJade to 
transform XML into HTML or RTF?

- DocBookX2 & SGMLS.pm
- SGML-tools Lite
- jadetex & pdfjadetex (and hugelatex)
- html2pdf

I avoided these as it seemed they are optional.  But I may have made a 

Finally, I have gotten an error message that I am totally boggled by:

77/html/../common/../common/dbl1af.dsl:1:73:W: cannot generate system 
identifier for public text "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN"

Does anyone have a clue for this one?

I am so tired.  This is troubling me all day.  Thanks for listening.
Good night.


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