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Subject: DOCBOOK: Including an element's content without generating hyperlink


The document I'm editing has an overview table and then a series of
sections, one for each row in the table. I want the section titles to
duplicate the content of the entries in one particular column of the table,
so that if I change the content in the table cell I only have to change it
in one place. My initial approach was to use xref with the endterm
attribute: each section title contains an xref referring to the particular
table entry. When I generate documents with XSL, the PDF comes out fine but
in the HTML the section headings come out as hyperlinks, which is not what I
wanted. Is there some other mechanism for repeating the contents of another
element but that does not cross-reference it so as to create a hyperlink?
Or, is the best approach to define an
!ENTITY for each piece of text I want to repeat?


Philip Glaser
Principal and Software Architect
Sustainable Software Solutions, LLC

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