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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: hierarchical element reference list for docbook?

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Dave Pawson wrote:

> At 08:58 27/07/2002, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >actually, i'm in the process of creating a hierarchical list
> >(in emacs outline mode) of all of the elements listed in TDG
> >(updated when i get the chance).
> >
> >when i'm done, i can post it if anyone's interested.  the 
> >point is to list elements in categories, such as
> >
> >* lists
> >* function display
> >* code/screen display
> >* Q/A
> >
> >and so on, so i can just jump to the appropriate section to
> >see all of the related elements.
> I'd appreciate a copy (xml markup please) for the docbook faq.

just fyi, here's the first part of it so you can see what i'm 
trying to do.  it's in emacs outline mode at the moment:

* Types of documents
* Document meta-information
** General stuff
** Author
** Copyright
** Subject stuff
** Bibliography
** Glossary
** Index
** Publisher info
* Document major parts
* References
<refsect1>..<refsect3>, <refsect1info>..<refsect3info>
* Lists
* Tips to readers

... and so on.  just a really quick reference to related
elements.  so nothing like this is available on the net
somewhere already?  bummer.


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