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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: hierarchical element reference list for docbook?

At 15:55 30/07/2002, Norman Walsh wrote:

>|>... and so on.  just a really quick reference to related
>|>elements.  so nothing like this is available on the net
>|>somewhere already?  bummer.
>The see-also lists at the bottom of each reference page are
>generated from this list:
>Traditional Publishing Inlines
>  Abbrev
>  Acronym
>  Emphasis
>  Phrase
>  Quote
>  ForeignPhrase
>  WordAsWord
>  Phrase


>| If Norm has tdg id values marking the sections/pages it could easily
>| be linked via olink to tdg? 
>Or directly to the HTML pages, if you prefer. And yes, there are IDs on
>all the reference pages.

And are they id'd with the right 'word' to make that link easy?

>| I think that would make a very useful addition to the documentation.
>That's what the sections in 'logical divisions' section in Chapter 2
>is supposed to provide.

I'll stand by other's opinions, but either the list above (quick ref)
in xml markup would be better to produce such an faq entry,
or the full one.

Can I get it from tdg source anyone?

regards DaveP

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