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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: ProgramListing shading

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Mike Mueller wrote:

> I am a DocBook newbie.  My programlisting output for html is not shaded and I 
> would like them to be shaded.  
> I searched the web on "docbook shading" and found some references to 
> %verbatim-shading%.  The Definitive Guide did not have this parameter.

ooooh ooooh, i know this one.  shading has nothing to do with the
content of your docbook document.  it's a property of the presentation
and has to be applied when you generate the HTML -- that's why you
won't find it in TDG.

is the HTML parameter reference, and under "miscellaneous", you'll
find the entries for shade.verbatim and shade.verbatim.style that
you can use when you transform docbook to html.  i just tried it --
works fine.

and if you check the description of, say, <programlisting>, you'll
notice that it describes itself as "verbatim", so it should have
shading applied to it via that parameter.


p.s.  however, the word "verbatim" is not in the TDG index,
which is puzzling, since it's clearly a meaningful word that
can affect transformation.

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