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Subject: DOCBOOK: Some detail questions

Hi list,

I'm relatively new to DocBook, using 4.2 XML with the 1.53 stylesheets,
Sablotron 6.5.1 and FOP 0.20.4 for PDF generation.
I have started to play around with various parametrization and
customization and I'd like to ask for some additional information on a few
questions I have. Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated:
 - what exactly is the effect of activating the fop extensions?

 - in the documentation, I found a reference to EXSLT stating that
   if EXSLT is activated, the result HTML is cleared up. I didn't get that
   to work; at least not with a visible result

 - sometimes dashes "-" are converted to &#150 in the HTML output, but
   sometimes not; any idea why?

 - Say I have (roughly):

   <para>some text</para>

   When I chunk the pages appropriately, the "some text" para will appear
   on the same html page below the chapter toc. Though I can understand
   why this is so, I would like to change this behaviour. How could I do
 - I am using <guimenu><guimenuitem> tags that render properly to
   menu->item; however I would like to have the result html display
   the guimenu and guimenuitem, emphasized or in bold (a span with
   a css class "guimenuitem" resp. "guimenu" would be perfect,
   a <em> or <b> would suffice). I tried to find the template definitions
   for the tags to customize them but did not succeed. How can I do this?

Well, that´s it, sorry for keeping you read that long. Many thanks for
helping me out if you can,

>e-novative> - e-Business Software & Solutions

e-novative GmbH - Isartorplatz 3 - D-80331 München - Germany
http://www.e-novative.de - fon 089 21 579 555 - fax 089 21 579 556

Handelsregister: Amtsgericht München HRB 134907
Geschäftsführer: Dipl. Inform. Stefan Priebsch

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