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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK: converting to docbook

hello Johnathan,

My company, xyz technologies (www.xyztechnologies.com) is developing a
product that will do exactly what you are talking about - converting
documents from a number of source formats (text, HTML, PDF, Word, etc.) into
meaningful XML, while preserving as much of the source formatting as
possible.   One of our target XML formats is docbook, and the product will
come with templates that you can modify for doing this conversion
painlessly.   One of the advantages of our product is that we'll support
almost all of these source formats - and you can easily add templates for
other text based formats.  We also have a particularly useful debugging
interface which will save you tons of time in validating how well the
conversions happened.

Our product is about to be released, and we are looking for customers to do
beta testing of the product on real source content.  We'd also be willing to
work with you on the actual conversion.  Please contact me at
riz@xyztechnologies.com if you are interested in pursuing this further.


Riz Virk, (617) 905-3518
riz@xyztechnologies.com, riz@alum.mit.edu

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From: jonathon [mailto:jblake@eskimo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2002 5:26 AM
To: docbook@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: DOCBOOK: converting to docbook


	I have roughly 10 000 documents of various formats
	[ plain ASCII, TeeX, DocBook, HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0
	word, wordperfect, pdf and a couple of others. ]

	Can anybody point me to something that will easilly convert
	these to docbook, and preserve some/most of their current

	I'm not looking forward to doing the conversion manually.





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