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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: converting to docbook

Pradeep Padala wrote:
 > I also wrote a patch to tidy which does the conversion of html to
 > docbook. Details here.
 > 	http://www.cise.ufl.edu/~ppadala/tidy
 > Let me know, if you need help on this. I have successfully used it on 
 > documents submitted to TLDP.

Were you ever successful in beautifying DocBook XML documents (or any
other XML document) by using tidy? I wasn't! :-(

I tried the last CVS version of tidy (on WinNT), adopted the config
files to let tidy know about specific markup... . No chance! I get a
lot of superfluous empty lines after inline markup ... inline isn't
anymore inline ...

Is tidy supposed to work correctly on arbitrary XML files? Perhaps
you can send me such a DocBook specific config file (if you have
one)? That would be very decent of you.


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