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Subject: Re: Fw: DOCBOOK: programlisting

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 06:06:33AM -0700, Dave Pawson wrote:
> At 19:17 14/08/2002, Bob Stayton wrote:
> >> If the 'pass through' of role, to 'class' in the html were available via the stylesheets,
> >> that would be easy... wouldn't it?
> >
> >Yes, it would be easy to pass it through. But
> >the class attribute is already occupied by the
> >element name, such as <div class="programlisting">.
> >Are you suggesting that if there is a role value,
> >that it should just replace the element name?
> I have suggested it before, for just this purpose, but hadn't
> realised (no, hadn't connected my 'other' use of it as you say).
> How much of a chore would it be to have it parameterised?
> class.usage='passthrough'
> or
> class.usage='elementName'
> Would that make sense? Then Geert and I could colour our program listings
> or define our stylesheets based on element names, but not both...
> which would break the rest of our css stylesheets :-) Mmmm.
> Now I see the problem.
> My only other suggestion would be for me to learn more about CSS I suppose.
> Isn't it possible to specify the hierarchy (selectors in css2) such that
> its possible to identify the two uses and hence style them differently?

I notice that the HTML 4.0 spec says the class attribute
can be a space-separated list of names.  That sounds like
you could have both element name and role value as
class values in a div class attribute.  But how do you
write CSS to deal with that, and do the browsers support
such syntax?


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                                            email: bobs@caldera.com

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