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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Playing with annotations...

At 06:56 20/08/2002, Norman Walsh wrote:

><phrase>Hello World<annotation class="note">A common test phrase</annotation></phrase>
>Simple display of annotations puts them inline:
>  Hello World[<a>Annotation</a>]

+1, blatent.

>Discrete keeps them off the screen by percolating the link up to the
>containing element:
>  <a>Hello World</a>

-0, a little obfuscation.

>popup uses JavaScript to make hovering over the link popup a window
>containing the annotation. Non-popup doesn't, but uses JavaScript to
>popup a new browser window if the user clicks on it.

Bleah is how Norm once spelled it I think.
javascript and docbook don't mix Norm.

>The fifth possibility is "simple, no-popup" with the actual
>annotations rendered like footnotes at the bottom of the page, instead
>of using a new browser window to display them

+0, I could live with that, footnote'ish.

>One of the reasons for the experiment was to see if it shed light on
>the seven issues that Paul raised[1] when we first started considering
>> 1.  In paginated output, should annotations be able to be rendered 
>> as footnotes (e.g., at the bottom of the current page)?  If so, how 

Move my +0 to + 0.1 :-)

>> do they interact with footnotes an dother floats? 
>I'm tempted to make them footnotes labelled differently and presented
>in the same footnote list as other footnotes, either before all the
>other footnotes or after them.

+0.2 and gaining favour.

>> What if it is 
>> impossible to get the annotated element and the annotation on the 
>> same page?  Do you allow a long annotation to be broken up over a 
>> page?
>Apply the same rules as footnotes.

Makes sense.

>> What do you do in the flowing text to indicate some text is annotated?
>Output the label that's used at the bottom of the page.
>> How do you associate a given annotation with a given annotated element?
>For the paginated case, if you're using PDF "popup" features as Mike
>showed[2], I think you can go with either the simple or discrete
>style. If you're using footnotes, I think the simple style is the way
>to go.

+1 for simple.

>I'm unhappy with the moniker "title" but I didn't try to fix that now.
>If you put arbitrary structure in a title annotation, you will
>probably get just the text content.

+1, KISS principle.

>> 7.  If an annotation element is contained within a title, does the
>> copy of the title in the Table of Contents (or List of XXX) also
>> have the annotation? 
>No. (IMHO).

And mine (Was that serious Paul!)

'Treat as per footnotes' is my favourite now.
(Is Paul normally this 'deep' with his questions :-)

regards DaveP

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