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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: bidi override thoughts

At 07:00 22/08/2002, Paul Grosso wrote:

>Tony's post makes me realize that I don't understand this either.
>Also, that I failed to complete my research.

So, the hierarchy is:

writing-mode (default ltr)
   ? Where does unicode-bidi fit in? 
     Unicode-bidi has values normal, embed, bidi-override.
Direction  (values?)

>  The specific use of "direction" and "unicode-bidi" on inline objects is
>  to set the inline-progression-direction to be used by the Unicode BIDI
>  algorithm. This direction may override the inline-progression-direction
>  determined by the current writing-mode and the implicit direction
>  determined by the Unicode BIDI algorithm.

So direction overrides writing-mode?

>  To insure consistency with the "writing-mode" property, the "direction"
>  property is initialized to the value that sets the same 
>  inline-progression-direction as is set by the "writing-mode" property

So direction is restricted to inlines? ie ltr or rtl? not, block-progression-

>I guess I can conclude that this area is more complex that I thought
>and that I'm at the end of my expertise here.

That makes 2... or 3 of us Paul.

<shouts, off> Tony </shouts off>

Come feed our ignorance.. please?

regards DaveP

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