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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: bidi override thoughts

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At 17:33 22/8/02, Tony Graham wrote:
>5. Work out whether every inline can affect bidirectionality (CSS
>    style) or whether there's one special-purpose element (HTML and XSL
>    style, although I don't expect XHTML to stick to that and it
>    doesn't matter for HTML anyway if you're also using CSS).

Currently, the HTML dir attribute is applicable to nearly every element 
type.  There is a bdo element type, for bi-directional override, which has 
the semantics of disabling the Unicode directionality algorithm and forcing 
the specified direction.

Discussion in the W3C I18n WG right now is to add a bdo attribute to every 
inline element type.  However, since CSS makes every element potentially 
inline, bdo may be added to every element type, but defined as meaningless 
if the display is anything other than inline.

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