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Subject: curiosity about online alpha version of docbook: TDG

  (i emailed norm walsh about this already, but assuming that
he's generally a busy guy, i thought i'd ask about something

  for the purpose of being able to peruse the latest (2.0.7)
version of docbook: TDG, i wanted to print it off, perhaps
using "mpage" to do it 2 up to save paper.

  when i view the first five chapters of TDG online at
www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html, it displays just fine.  i can 
print-to-file the various chapters to .ps form as well,
but when i do, no matter how i view or print the resulting
postscript files, i get:

ch1 has a very large font
ch2 has a noticeably smaller font (about the right size)
ch3 and so on have very small fonts (much too small for 
  reasonable viewing)

  i'm not sure why this is happening, since viewed within the
browser, all of the chapters seem consistent.  can anyone 
verify this, or am i just doing something weird?


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