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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: On the size of DocBook...

At 20:42 2002 09 06 +0900, Michael Smith wrote:
>Anyway, about the question at the end of number 3 above -- But what will
>that do to interchange? -- It seems like interchange isn't an issue if
>  * the customized DTDs are strict subsets of the complete DTD
>  * and users/user communities treat their customized DTDs as "authoring
>    DTDs" and continue to use the full DTD for validation (that is,
>    don't expect that DTDs that others interchange with their community
>    will validate against their custom authoring-DTD subset)

But that leads me to conclude you don't really want to change/subset 
the DTD, you just want some way to reduce the set a given author has
to understand/work with.  And I don't see that requirement as being
addressed at the DTD level, I see it being addressed at the tool level
and/or document/education level.


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