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Subject: DOCBOOK: Simplified DocBook Q: Nested Section elements

This is almost certainly a newbie question, but so far I haven't been able
to locate an answer in the archives.

I'm using Simplified DocBook (with XXE: XMLmind's XML Editor V2.0beta, under
Win2K) and experiencing what may be a bug with regard to attempting to nest
Section elements. Whether that bug arises somehow in Simplified DocBook or
in XXE I can't tell - hence my query here.

It appears that if I create a handful of sections to map out the (somewhat
known) structure of a document in progress, then create some content in one
of the sections (as it is provided to me), if I attempt to nest a section
within that section that now has content, it is not possible - the section
element is not offered in the list of allowed elements.

If I go to one of the "empty" sections, where no content has been developed,
and attempt to nest sections, I can do so to my heart's content :)

One possible interim solution is to create all the nested sections I can
imagine, and then later delete those I end up not needing, but that's not a
satisfactory long term solution.

If a section has para elements in it, I can still nest sections, so the type
of content seems to be important. It's possible that the presence in a
section of itemized or ordered lists may be the sticking point, but so far
the pressure of looming deadlines has prevented me from experimenting

Anyone have any (polite) suggestions/ideas?

Many thanks,

Peter Brooks
Contract Technical Writer

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