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Subject: DOCBOOK: How to construct an index

I came across your e-mail below and wanted to find out whether you were able to
come across such material and whether you could possibly share it with me?

Thanks in advance.

-- Patricia Laverley

Indexing in SGML
     To: <docbook at lists dot oasis-open dot org>
     Subject: DOCBOOK: Indexing in SGML
     From: "Tatsuo Yamada" <tatsuo at syntax dot com>
     Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 14:22:09 -0700
     Reply-To: docbook at lists dot oasis-open dot org


I'm currently working on indexing commands and their attributes. However,
I'm having problems using the <indexterm>, <primary>, <primaryie>, etc.
tags. Are there any online documents available that contain samples or
examples of how to construct and index, and how to cross reference the "in
text" index terms? I'm currently using "DocBook:The Definitive Guide" as a
guide book.

Thanks in advance,


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Patricia N. Laverley
Operations Evaluation Dept., Rm. H3-304
Tel:  202-458-5573; Fax: 202-522-3125
E-mail: plaverley@worldbank.org
Web: http://www.worldbank.org/oed

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