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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: On the size of DocBook...

On Sat, 14 Sep 2002, Michael Smith wrote:

]>That said, I can't imagine any document author or document-authoring
]>group that would need "full" DocBook DTD as their *authoring DTD*. I

	I can.  I wouldn't recomend it as a matter of course.
	If somebody is working on technical documents that cover a couple
	of different fields, Most, if not all of the _current_ DocBook
	elements could be used.

]>of documents, I was thinking it might be worthwhile (to the extent
]>that it's possible) for the TC to produce some subsets designed to
]>meet the needs of some specific, identifiable, communities -- a

	Taking a page out of Word97, a tool could include the complete
	DocBook spec, and approved/custom/whatever additions that are
	consistent with DocBook.

	The user selects the appropriate subset, by making selections from
	something similar to the Style Guide in Word97.

]>But I'm not sure how practical it would be to try to do that, because
]>in trying to think of identifiable groups with common authoring needs,

	Journal Articles [ Use appropriate subset for the field.]

]>it's hard to come up with any group within which authoring needs
]>range purposes by groups with some varied needs. So it might be very
]>difficult to produce a "help authoring" DocBook subset that didn't

	If the authoring tool has non-exclusive radio button.

		help authoring toolbox
		rarely used elements
		statistical elements
		programing elements
		lingistic elements
		drama elements
		mathematical elements
		rarely used math elements

	[ Terms used are simply as examples.  I doubt that all/any actually exist. ]

]>  * for most part, the difficulties that people run into in trying to
]>    customize DocBook are simply DTD-customization difficulties, not
]>    necessarily DocBook-customization difficulties. What I mean is, I
]>    think they are difficulties that they'd run into in trying to
]>    customize any large DTD, not difficulties unique to DocBook

	Perhaps a couple of tutorials showing how to customize for different
	fields/things would be of use here.

	Trivial example:  Writing a play.
	Non-trivial Example:  High Speed particle Physics.

]>  * if we went with a complete refactoring, I'd want to be sure it
]>    just didn't introduce a different set of customization challenges

	Any change is going to induce a new set of customization challanges.





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