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Subject: DOCBOOK: Resend: A single multi-lingual documet -> multiple translatedoutput files?

Excuse me, I'd sent a unfinished e-mail by error. Here's my question.

I am a part of a software/documentation localization effort, and am interested
in using DocBook to manage translations of our documentation.

The currently available transform processors for DocBook does not use
DocBook's "lang" attribute the way I expected. I was hoping, that if I had:

        <para lang="en_na">
                 Some English text.
        <para lang="ja_ja">
                Japanese translation of the English text.

then, I would be able to pass the desired langauge as a parameter to the
a transform processor, and get only the <para/> elements with the
matching lang attribute value.

The benefit of being able to do this, is that the consistency of the original
and the translations can be checked very easily.

Is this line of thinking completely out of the area of discussions or development
in the DocBook world?

Would the correct approach be to concoct my own DocBook derived schema
with tags to manage translations, and then write my own XSL (or other) transforms
to produce a single langauge DocBook file?

Thank you.

Taro Ikai

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