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Subject: DOCBOOK: Images and Docbook 4.2

Hello there. I am very new to docbook, but so far it has been a huge
help to me. I do have a question about it though.

I'm currently running Debian (sid). The docbook packages I have now are:
ii  docbook        4.2-1          SGML DTD for authors of technical
ii  docbook-dsssl  1.77-1         Modular DocBook DSSSL stylesheets, for
ii  docbook-utils  0.6.11-1       Convert Docbook files to other formats
ii  docbook-xml    4.2-1          XML DTD for DocBook, also known as

These work as per the docbook guide I've found online, except for
embeding images. I realize the docbook guide covers 3.1, but I'm unsure
where to find help for syntax/semantics for docbook 4.2. If some kind
soul could point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful. I've
visted the FAQ, but so far all I've seen is this reference:

This doesnt quite help me out with syntax. An example would be great. A
pointer on how to find this stuff out for myself would be even better!

Thanks much for your time.


Mental (Mental@NeverLight.com)

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