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Subject: DOCBOOK: Newbie question on .properties file.

I've just discovered the wonderful world of DocBook and have an
immediate use for it.  I have a tomcat-struts application where I'm
developing help pages.  I was simply creating .jsp files so that I
could use <bean:message> tags to retrieve the text for buttons, etc,
from the application's properties file and insert it into the HTML.  
Thus, the docs would match the screens in terminology.

The properties files looks like:


I've been scanning the docs on orielly's site, as well as some of the
other references I've found, but I haven't found a way to get that
same information into a DocBook document.  I could hack something to
create <!ENTITY> definitions, but that somehow seems like a kludge.

Can anyone point me in the direction of the appropriate documentation
for the steps necessary to do this... assuming that it indeed can be?



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