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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: including literal html in docbook documents

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 07:48:16PM +0100, Jiri Kuthan wrote:
> I'm struggling with the following issue: displaying included
> external HTML documents. I would like to keep the documents
> externally (say in foobar.html) and display them literally
> in a docbook document.
> I unfortunately do not know how to get it right -- can someone
> help me?
> I define an entity in beginning:
> <!ENTITY foo SYSTEM "foobar.html">
> and want to display it later "as is":
> <programlisting>
> <![CDATA[
> &foo;
> ]]>
> Unfortunately &foo is printed literally because of used CDATA.
> When I do not use CDATA, the html document will be interpreted
> which I do now wish to do.

If you are using XML with XSL stylesheets, see this
URL for some solutions:



Bob Stayton                                 400 Encinal Street
Publications Architect                      Santa Cruz, CA  95060
Technical Publications                      voice: (831) 427-7796
The SCO Group                               fax:   (831) 429-1887
                                            email: bobs@sco.com

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