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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: New element for Step alternatives?

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/ Michael Smith <smith@xml-doc.org> was heard to say:
| Substeps and the proposed Stepalternatives are containers for
| steps. What I'm suggesting is that we add a parallel generalized
| step container, with the same simple (step+) content model, for
| wrapping sets-of-steps-that-aren't-substeps.

Why? What purpose does this new container have?

I think your argument has been that it would allow users to identify
sets-of-steps for reuse (by pointing to the single wrapper). While
that's true...

| The fact that two or more steps in a row, by themselves, form a
| logical division -- a group of steps -- is something that I think
| ought to be expressible/capturable through markup, and so through
| a content model in the DTD.

There are very few semantically meaningless wrappers for grouping
things in DocBook. I could apply the same arguments to a series of
three paragraphs or to two figures and a table.

Maybe we need to consider the reuse question in more detail, but if
we're going to, I'd like to do it separately and globally, not as part
of a small enhancement to procedure.

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