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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: Linenumbering in literallayout

On Friday 13 December 2002 10:47, BigSmoke wrote:
> I have a document with some programlistings, which are discussed
> line-by-line by various sections. Everywhere I describe a line, the
> original line reappears as an excerpt. However, the only way to number them
> in DocBook seems to be to start by line 1, while I'd like to be able to use
> some sort of attribute that a programlisting starts at line 4, for example.
> Am I overseeing already built-in semantics which could do the job or should
> I start customizing?

Something simular is available in orderedlists.

   If Continuation is specified, it indicates how list numbering should begin   
   relative to the immediately preceding list. Restarts, the default,
   indicates that numbering should begin again at 1. Continues indicates that
   numbering should begin where the preceding list left off.

 - Rowan

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