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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Print books in book format

Terrence Enger wrote:
>At 00:00 2002-11-16 -0800, Bob Stayton wrote:
>>On Sat, Nov 16, 2002 at 02:21:23AM +0100, Uten Navn wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Does any one of you docbook writers know how a docbook (or other
>>> can be printed (on your personal printer) in a traditional book
>>> I'm looking for a solution where I get the printout formatted such
>>> pages can be wrapped up like a ordenary book.
>>> Ex: Print two pages on each side (A4 in my case) of the paper. When
>>> pages are printed I could use a stapler, old fashone thread or
>>> bind the pages.
>>> Any pointers, links or sugestions would be appreciated.
>>You want to search for imposition software that will
>>work with Postscript or PDF files.  Imposition is the
>>process of arranging pages on a press to print many
>>pages on a large sheet, which is then folded, bound,
>>and trimmed.
>>You would use the DocBook stylesheets (DSSSL or XSL) and
>>tools to generate Postscript or PDF output and feed it
>>into such software.
>>Some of the imposition software can reduce the pages, but you might
>>get better results increasing the page margins yourself
>>using parameters in the DocBook stylesheets
>>to define the finished page size you want in the book.
>I have not done this, and I am not even set up to try it, but for what
>worth ...
>pdfTeX claims to be useful for page impression purposes.  From the
>    Given that the A4 version is typeset, one can generate a booklet by
>        texexec --pdfarrange --paper=a5a4 --print=up --addempty=1,2
>Could this be combined with a TeX rendering of DocBook to do the job?

I know this question is a month old now, but:

Would a2ps be a useful suggestion (for Unix users)? It can convert any
to ps/pdf (including processing eg ps 2 ps or pdf 2 pdf), and you can
specify many things, including page layout (eg. one, two or more to a
page, double-sided, as well as extensive options for page numbering/
header/footer). It still might be too limiting for what you want, but if
you can get most of your margins, etc. set up in docbook, perhaps it
could provide the final missing step...

Also may be Acrobat can be told to print back to back (for windows

First Post,

Mr Zenaan Harkness, Manager, VIDC
Phone: +678 25 151  Fax: +678 25 178  Mobile: +678 45 179
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