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Subject: DOCBOOK: Markup questions

Title: Nachricht
I have some questions concerning DocBook-markup:

What is the correct way to mark-up a Table of Contents and a Table of Figures?


Basically, I have three ways to organize my bibliography: With abbreviations, such as “[Walsh2002]”, with numbers, such as “[1], [2], …” and according to the so called “Harvard System”. I understood that I can implement the first system by using <biblioentry id="[Walsh2002]"> and <xref linkend="[walsh2002]">.

First question: Do I implement the numbering system in the same way? (E.g. <biblioentry id="[2]"> and <xref linkend="[2]">)

Second question: The Harvard System requires different kinds of references to the same entry in the bibliography, e.g. “…Walsh (2002) states that ...” and “… DocBook-standard (Walsh, 2002)”. How do I go about this?

How can I place an entry in the Bibliography for a source with a URL (a specification, an Online-Journal, etc.)?


If I have an Entry in the Bibliography for an article in a journal, do I have to split the entry (with "<bibliomixed>" and "<bibliomset>") in order to include the title of the journal?


What about the place of a publication – I did not find the appropriate tag!?

best regards,
Moritz Weiten

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