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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Markup questions

Moritz Weiten said:
> Basically, I have three ways to organize my bibliography: With
> abbreviations, such as "[Walsh2002]", with numbers, such as "[1], [2],
> ." and according to the so called "Harvard System". I understood that I
> can implement the first system by using <biblioentry id="[Walsh2002]">
> and <xref linkend="[walsh2002]">.

Just a nit:  You won't be able to use square brackets in the ID or linkend
attributes unless you've modified your SGML declaration to include square
brackets in the LCNMCHAR and UCNMCHAR fields.  I don't suggest you modify
the decalration because if you need to interchange it with anyone, their
system isn't likely to have the declaration change.

Steve Cogorno
Sun Microsystems

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