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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: [docbook-tc] DocBook Technical Committee MeetingMinutes:17 Dec 2002

At 16:08 2002 12 18 -0800, Steve Cogorno wrote:
>Paul Grosso said:
>> >Currently there is only one element which many editors will insert
>> >automatically for you. This is mostly tool issue, but quite important
>> >IMHO. I'm also not sure whether WYSIWYG editors like Epic and XMetal are
>> >able to dynamically recognize between CALS and HTML table models.
>> Epic 4.3 already can handle both CALS and HTML tables in the same
>> doctype/document, and the table editor does the right thing depending
>> on what model the current table uses.
>I'd argue that this is the perfect reason not to implement the change.  If
>Epic (and presumably other tools) can detect the different table models, it
>should be trivial to transform an HTML model into CALS when pasted into a
>DocBook document.

There are things in HTML that you can't do in CALS (e.g., cell shading)
and vice versa.  That is another reason to support both.


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