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Subject: DOCBOOK: newbie help needed!


I am new to this list and new to both XML and docbook.

Recently, I installed Apache+tomcat+cocoon and managed to published a
docbook article, using docbook dtd and xsl.  It is a very simple
publication - docbook xsl installed, docbook article created, and made it
point to the xsl. With my very limited XML and XSL knowledge,I could not
follow the XSL files for modifications. I at least have the platform for
creating documents for the future site (if I cannot call it a site now!).  

Now, I read about docbook's website framework for publishing webpages.
Again with my limited knowledge, I have no clue how I should start this
with -- could not follow the instruction given in the example

Can any one give me some hints on the basics of docbook and website
framework? How can I publish example site on cocoon? It may give me some
hints afterwards.

I am using Slackware8.1.

Any pointers would be highly appreciated.


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