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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: sgml vs xml

Hi Ben,

I think the situation is the following: SGML is the legacy system most people get on using because it allows acceptable print output. For HTML output this is not true as XSL allows for efficient rendering.
Now if most discussions are around XML and not SGML it is because XML evolves fast, gradually replacing SGML implementations. This is notably possible thanks to the maturity of FOP processors. On the other hand SGML applications are not evolving anymore, hence less discussions.


On Thu, 06 Mar 2003 17:28:58 -0800
"Ben Hratshorne" <docbook@green.hartshorne.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was wondering a while ago whether to start my docbook project stuff
> using dsssl or xml.  I read around and looked several places, and pretty
> much everywhere, all I could find was 'they're mostly similar and my
> example here should work with both.'  
> Lurking on this list for a bit it seems that 90% of the questions are
> answered with XML syntax.  Is it the case that though nobody really
> seems to say so everyone actually uses XML?   
> I started out using SGML, but havn't really done anything terribly fancy
> yet (except suppress <p> tags within <ul> tags in HTML output).  If
> there was any time to change, it'd be now.  
> Comments?
> -ben
> -- 
> Ben Hartshorne
> email: ben@hartshorne.net
> http://ben.hartshorne.net

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