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Subject: RE : [docbook] Simplify ToC content model

	Hi Norm,

	Very happy to read that, and of course completely agree. 
	If you are on this topic, according to a recent question,
imagine I'm generating a toc from a docbook hierarchy, where I'm sure to
found important meta-datas (abstract, subjects ...). An electronic
rendering of this toc could give nice features, and simply for a
beginning, giving the last modified dates. Where should I put these
dates? Why not understanding a tocentry (a reference to a part of a
document), like a bibliomixed? 

> <toc><title>DocBook: The Definitive Guide</title>
> <para>TDG has an introduction and three parts.</para>
> <tocentry>Preface</tocentry>
> <tocdiv><title>Introduction</title>
> <tocentry>Getting Started with SGML/XML</tocentry>
> <tocentry>...</tocentry>
> </tocdiv>
> </toc>

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