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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: XML Editors SOMETHING ELSE I FORGOT!


I just checked a support email from the Wattle crew and see that you can get the tagbar to successfully load the DocBook DTD as a flat layout. Set this in Tools/Options:

1. Select Tools in the tree at the left in the Options window
2. Seect Flat Layout in Tagbar Mode
3. Click OK

This will take a while, I just did it and it does take a while. You can then drag and drop the elements into your XML file. Here is their explanation regarding the Tagbar and the DocBook DTD:

You do not see the entire tree in TagBar because the default level of
recursion in TagBar's Tree Layout is set to 16. This level can be

* On the Tools menu, select Options
* In the left pane of the Options dialogue box, select Tools
* Under the option "TagBar mode", change the level of recursion under
"Tree layout with up to XX levels".

Please be aware that increasing the level of recursion may result in an
"out of memory" error. Loosely structured or recursive DTD/Schemas such
as the DocBook DTD contain a large number of nodes. That is, elements
contain dozens of other elements which in turn contain dozens of other
elements, and so on. TagBar's Tree Layout is not designed to load files
that contain excessive levels of recursion."

I just want to be fair and accurate.

Bob Stayton wrote:
On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 09:33:15AM -0500, Jeff Biss wrote:
I hate to keep harping about it but XMLWriter is a fine tool and well 
worth the approximately $50 it costs. It is a text based editor but
makes it obvious when you are not using a DTD's elements properly.

XMLWriter doesn't seem to be usable with DocBook 4.2.
I just downloaded XMLWriter 2.12 demo and tried to use
it with DocBook. It took several *minutes* to load the
DocBook DTD into the TagBar. And after it did, the TagBar
and the popup Entry Helper don't show all the allowable
DocBook elements for a given context.
It is usable. I've been through this with them regarding this problem. The complexity of the DocBook DTD (it is recursive) causes it to display this way. I don't use the tagbar, I just type in the tags. It properly validates the structure and will produce the correct output of an XSL stylesheet.

Hopefully they will fix this problem so that the tagbar can be used as intended and show the correct DTD structure. It would be far better if it did show the DocBook hierarchy.

I'm using Windows XP, 1.2 Ghz, 256 MB machine.
I've got the latest MSXML 4.0 as it recommends.

You must find it is more usable than my experience, so
I'm wondering what's different with your setup or usage.

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