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Subject: No Subject

"If the system identifier is a URN in the publicid namespace, it is
converted into a public identifier by "unwrapping" the URN. In this =
one of the following must apply:

1. No public identifier was provided. Resolution continues as if the =
identifier constructed by unwrapping the URN was supplied as the =
public identifier and no system identifier was provided.

2. The normalized public identifier provided is lexically identical to =
public identifier constructed by unwrapping the URN. Resolution =
continues as
if the system identifier had not been supplied.

3. The normalized public identifier provided is different from the =
identifier constructed by unwrapping the URN. This is an error. =
may recover from this error by discarding the system identifier and
proceeding with the original public identifier."

So the following DOCTYPE declaration should amount to not specifying a
system identifier:

  "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"

BTW, early drafts of the XML Catalog spec suggested that XML Catalog
resolvers should be expected to look after a default catalog, located =
as a
relative URI to the document being processed [2]. This was removed =
as Daniel Veillard states it [3], "... having to make an URI reference
lookup based on the resource one want to fetch to guess if there is a
catalog associated is not scalable, not secure and not something I ever =
to implement. At least I can trust /etc/xml/catalog and load it once =
for the
full lifetime of my application."=20

My conclusion: If you must rely on resolving entities via canonical =
over the internet, you are in for all kinds of trouble. Better take the
trouble to set up local entity resolution.


kind regards
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-----Original Message-----
From: Oliver Fischer [mailto:plexus@snafu.de]
Sent: 6. maj 2003 21:26
To: Jirka Kosek
Cc: Peter Ring; docbook@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [docbook] URN for Simplified DocBook and DocBook XML

Jirka Kosek wrote:

> Using URN is a very good practise in many places (e.g. namespace=20
> identifiers) but not in system identifiers. System identifier must be =

> always resolvable, and this can't be guaranteed with URN.

According to the standard is a URN also a valid URI - IMHO. Or did I=20
misinterpret the docs I read? A SystemLiteral is URI and both URL=20
and URN are URIs. So why not use a URN als SystemLiteral?

I could use catalog files to resolve the URN. Or not?



Oliver Fischer

--[ Oliver Fischer ]-[ plexus@snafu.de ]---------------------------
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