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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: Tables, braille and other stuff

Yann Dirson wrote:

 > Since DocBook is such a large DTD, it may make sense to have a "main
 > set of elements", which would constitute the DocBook DTD proper, and
 > an extended one, built as a customisation layer above DocBook (say
 > "Presentationnal DocBook"), which would add those extra elements with
 > a strong presentationnal bias.

DocBook ideally should not have any presentational features, I agree. 
But you can simply limit yourself to the non-presentational, semantical 
and structural subset.
(I'd prefer if the presentational features would be excluded, but many 
would disagree.)

But tables are not presentational when used appropriately.

If you don't agree with the latter, you could limit yourself to the 
subset you consider the better subset, thus not use table markup.
You are always free to markup your tabular data without table markup, eg 
as list.



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