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Subject: Re: [docbook] Task Markup (delinquent action item)

At 08:42 2003 05 20 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:
>Hash: SHA1
>At the last DocBook TC meeting, I took an action to describe the
>committees tentative decisions about a <task> element. I should have
>done this long ago.
>We propose that a task consist of:
> title
> tasksummary?
> taskprerequisites?
> procedure
> example*
> taskrelated
>The tasksummary, taskprerequisites, and taskrelated are all wrappers
>around component.mix (think para+).

I'll admit I'm not sure what the point of a special task element
really is, so maybe I'm missing some assumed semantic here, but
why is taskrelated required?

Couldn't a task reasonably consist of a title and a procedure only?


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