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Subject: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 May 2003

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| DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 May 2003
| =======================================================
| The DocBook Technical Committee met on Tuesday, 20 May 2003 at
| 01:00p EDT (10:00a PDT, 17:00GMT, 18:00BST, 19:00CEST, 02:00JST+,
| 10:30p India) for 60 minutes.
| 1. Roll call

Steve Cogorno
Paul Grosso
Dick Hamilton
Nancy Harrison
Scott Hudson
Mike Smith
Norman Walsh


Bob Stayton
Mark Johnson

| 2. Accepting the minutes[1] of the previous meeting


| 3. Review of the agenda


| 4. Review of open action items
|      a. Norm to follow-up on RFE 562343: <packagename> element
|      b. Norm to write better documentation for option/optional
|      c. Norm to ask Denis Evans for his opinions on REF #686733, allow
|              bibliography under <refentry>
|      d. Bob to write a concrete proposal for marking up keycaps
|      e. Mike to post a summary of URI/URN to the list
|      f. Norm to post a summary of the Task content models as described.
|      g. Norm to write some stylesheets to demonstrate annotations
|      h  Norm to respond to Bob's message on bibliographic inlines to
|         see if we can get some email discussion going.

| 6. Multiple refnamedivs per refentry[2] (related to RFE #514435)
Continued until Bob is present.

| 7. Task/Topic[3]
Continued for another month.

[[ There is no item 8 ]]

| 9. Choicelist markup
Continued until Mike has a chance to write up a proposal.

| 10. Annotations [4]
Continued for another month.

Mike notes that the current state of discussion is really about
processing expectations and not the markup per se.

Norm agrees and promises to deliver on his action.

| 11. Inline bibliography elements (related to RFE #679316) [5]
Continued until Bob is present.

| 12. Review of Requests for Enhancement
|    To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):
|      http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&;
|      group_id=21935&atid=384107&aid=XXXX
|    where XXXX is the RFE number.
|      691762 syntax=""

Proposal: add language attribute (CDATA) to parallel classsynopsis on
          all the verbatim environments.


|      697374 marking up keycaps according to their semantics

Continued pending Bob's acttion item.

|      698844 Add PDF to notation.class


|      705885 Add NS attribute to SGMLTAG

No dissent.

Processing expectations: none. This is for semantic markup. One could
have the prefix provided automatically through a stylesheet.

What should we call the attribute? 

Norm notes that "ns" is the name of the attribute in RELAX NG.
XSLT uses "namespace".

We'll add "namespace" as a CDATA attribute.


|      714764 new classifier attrib for <indexterm> and <index>

Norm observes that one of the reasons this doesn't often arise in
DocBook (as opposed to TeXinfo) is because we already have semantic
markup for many of the things you would put in a different index.

For example, if you wanted a index of functions, I wouldn't expect to
add <indexterm class="function"> for all the functions, I'd expect to
index the elements marked as <function>s.

ACTION: Norm to describe how this might be done using stylesheet
customization based on function and variable markup, for example.

|      722775 More readable processing of <simplelist type="inline">

This would be fairly hard to do in its full generality. There are
localization issues (what language should "and" be in?), generated
text issues, and a number of other problems.

There's no support for this change at this time. We may revisit this
when we look at Mike's choicelist proposal which seems related.

|      436067 splitting tech.char.class 
|      473365 Allow optional in funcprototype 
|      482818 Simplify ToC content model 
|      514435 Allow reference within refentry 
|      541444 caption in mediaobjectco 
|      558443 include storage info in metadata 
|      562343 <packagename> element 
|      565637 Associate non-inline image with link 
|      565716 URL and URN markup 
|      573419 Add bidirectional text overrides 
|      582822 VARARG and FUNCDEF together 
|      623524 (Re)Consider "choicelist" markup 
|      638456 RFE add a <translator> tag
|      655526 funcprototype enhancement
|      660044 Controlling line numbering in verbatims
|      679316 Allow orgname tag within paragraphs
|      686733 allow bibliography under <refentry>
|     The following RFEs are awaiting action items
|      413389 Enhance METHODNAME and VARNAME 
|      431411 RFE 70: add generic linking capability
|      522552 Add title attribute to <ulink> element
|      574880 Add annotation element 
|      613293 Generalize programlisting 
|      621564 New element Task and children
|     The following RFEs are identified as V6.0 or later
|      531851 Remove inline person name elements
|      532088 Remove RevHistory from qandaentry
| ----
| [1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/200304/msg00053.html
| [2] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200303/msg00005.html
| [3] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/200302/msg00050.html
| [4] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200303/msg00001.html
| [5] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/200303/msg00006.html

                                        Be seeing you,

- -- 
Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | A lie is an abomination unto the
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | Lord and a very present help in
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | time of trouble.--Adlai Stevenson
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