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Subject: Re: [docbook] Task Markup (delinquent action item)

Jeff Biss said:
> Alright, I may have missed this in previous emails to this list, but 
> what is the difference between the proposed <task> and the existing 
> <procedure>? A task can be presented easily as a procedure, I use this 
> element for this purpose.

Sun Microsystems proposed the Task model to the DocBook TC several months
ago, and we've been working with the TC to finalize the proposed model.

The motivation for the Task model is to be able to associate information
with procedures.  For example, a procedure may have associated examples,
troubleshooting or reference information associated with it.  Procedures
cannot contain sub sections and therefore the information cannot be
contained together.

Here's an example:

<task><title>To Reboot Your Computer</title>
    <para>Use this procedure to safely reboot computer.</para>
    <para>Before rebooting, warn users who are currently logged in.</para>
    <step><para>Become the superuser or an equivalent role.</para></step>
    <step><para>At the prompt type <literal>reboot</title>.</para></step>
  <example><title>Rebooting a System</title>
    <screen>% su - root
            # reboot
  <taskrelated><title>For More Information</title>
    <para>For more information about the <command>reboot</command>
    see the System Administration Guide.</para>

If we use a procedure element, there is no way to continue content after the
final step.  The task model eliminates this restriction by allowing us to
include additional information.

Steve Cogorno
Sun Microsystems

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