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Subject: Inconsistency Docbook v4.2 regarding Xml Specification 1.0

Dear DocBook Chair,


While parsing the docbook dtd 4.2 I encountered an inconsistency with the Xml 1.0 specification. According to point 51, the #PCDATA directive must be at the front of the mixed declaration. I found out that at calstblx.dtd at the entity declaration ‘tbl.entry.mdl’ the #PCDATA directive is set at the end.


Could you verify this?


I’m looking forward to hear from you,


Kind regards,


Remco Verhoef
Intershare B.V.
Woerden, Nederland
Tel +31-(0)348-49 98 00, Fax +31-(0)348-49 90 08
Mobiele telefoon: +31-(0)6-21  56 37 25
World Wide Web: http://www.intershare.nl


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