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Subject: [docbook] How to code bibliography citations in regular paragraphs...

I need to code bibliography citation using docbook dtd. My question is:
1) Which element should I use for bibliography citation links that are appearing in paragraphs?
For example: If I need to link "Blah... Blah... Bent (1987) ..Blah... Blah..." in running text.
Should I use:
a) <para>Blah... Blah... <link linkend="Bent1987">Bent (1987)</linkend> ..Blah... Blah...</para>
b) <para>Blah... Blah... <citation><xref linkend="Bent1987" endterm="Bent1987.abbrev"/></citation> Blah... Blah...</para>
while in Bibliography the coding is:
<biblioentry id="Bent1987"><abbrev id="Bent1987.abbrev">Bent (1987)</abbrev> ..Blah....</bibliodentry>

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