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Subject: Request: Feedback on proposal for new URI element

[sent to docbook-apps by mistake; reposting to docbook]

The DocBook TC would like to ask for comments on the following proposal
for a new 'uri' element (based mostly on an informal proposal that
Elliotte Rusty Harold posted to this list many months ago).

If you have comments on the proposal, please post them to this list.

For background on this discussion, please see the following archived


I posted version of this proposal to the list about 3 months, but
received no responses regarding it. If you have any thoughts about this
current proposal, it's important that you respond this time, because the
TC is preparing to vote on the proposal.

The only difference between this proposal and the one I posted
previously is that this version omits the "class" attribute on the
uri element. (The content model in the original proposal included a
class attribute to indicate whether this URI was a URL or a URN.
However, consensus during the TC discussion about the element was that
this URL/URN class attribute was not actually needed).

Uri -- A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)

1. Description
  A Uri is a literal Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
  that appears inline in the main narrative flow of a
  document. It is not a link or cross-reference.

  1.1 Processing expectations

     Unlike the Ulink element, Uri is not rendered as
     an actual hyperlink to the content found at the
     location it references. Instead, it appears as
     literal text, perhaps distinguished
     typographically (for example, in monospace or
     italic type).

2. Synopsis

  2.1 Content model
    uri ::=

  2.2 Attributes
    common attributes, plus the following:

    type                 CDATA              none 

  2.3 Parameter Entities

  Note: Adding the Uri element to %tech.char.class will
        make Uri valid anywhere where Systemitem is

3. Attributes discussion

    Specifies the type of URI. This attribute is
    provided as a means for users to distinguish
    categories of URIs from one another. For example,
    the following set of potential values might be
    useful under certain circumstances:

      * xmlNamespace
      * saxFeatureName
      * saxPropertyName
      * jaxpFeatureName
      * soapAction
      * rddlPurposes
      * rddlNature 

4. Examples

  The correct system identifier to use when referring to
  the Web location of the DocBook 4.2 DTD is <uri


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