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Subject: Another HTML Help Question

Hi again.

I am creating my first html help using xml (with Xalan), and I'm now not so
sure I did this in the best way. I have individual xml files for each topic
with the top level being sect1. Then I have one "book" xml file where I
sort each one of the individual topics into chapters. I am then using the
htmlhelp.xsl in the conversion process.

My concern now is that if I want to convert my xml files into html, I have
to convert all of them. But lets say I have only one topic that I want to
change? I don't really want to create a new .hhp, .hhc, or .hhk file. But I
think the way I have it set up, there is no way for me to create a single
html file straight from that one xml file.

If anyone out there with more experience with this has any suggestions, I
warmly welcome them.



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