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Subject: Re: [docbook] An apology and some minor revelations

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003, Scot W. Stevenson wrote:

> I still can't find a docbook.xsl (and I don't seem to have a "locate" command 
> on this system). If it is any comfort to Daniel, this is a SuSE 8.2 setup 
> I'm having trouble with. It seems that they replaced jade by openjade and 
> quite a few loose threads remain; and yes, I've logged an error report.

never having used SuSE, it's still RPM-based, right?  run:

  # rpm -qa | grep docbook

to list all docbook-related packages, and look for a package that has a
name like "docbook-style-xsl".  to list its contents, run:

  # rpm -ql <whatever the package name was from above>

which will show you where the contents were installed.  as a previous
poster suggested, it's likely somewhere in /usr/share/sgml/docbook.

  and once you get a handle on all the steps in processing, then you
shell out $29.95 for bob's docbook xsl book at www.sagehill.net.

  good luck.  i know how you feel.  i've been there.  no, wait,
i'm *still* there.



Robert P. J. Day
Eno River Technologies
Unix, Linux and Open Source training
Waterloo, Ontario


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