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docbook message

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Subject: Text-to-speech preprocessor

Dear Sirs,

   I would like to see development of an application which formats a 
document for use with a text-to-speech program such as TextAloud. I have 
thought about such an application for some time, ever since I began using my 
mp3 player to listen to converted text during my daily commute, but reading 
about DocBook rekindled my interest. I've found listening to books read 
aloud an effective way to learn. TextAloud doesn't render certain text as it 
should, making some words and phrases unintelligible. Also, program listings 
are very tedious to listen to; they should either be translated somehow or 
left out altogether while the text is being read aloud. An app similar to 
DocBook could fix both shortcomings. Something to consider.

Mike Underwood

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