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Subject: Re: [docbook] Newbie question - what schema should I use?

Hi Jose,

I use docbook for my project documentation.

I keep all of my documents in a set. Each book in the set represents a major 
division in the documentation. One book for the project plan, one book for 
the business analysis, another for the system documentation.  I have 
chapters for actors, use cases, iteration plans etc...

I'm not sure if it's the best way, but that's how I do it. And yes, I try to 
use xrefs as much as possible. You can also use ulinks to external artifacts 
like models, javadocs and test results.

I just started creating a document for a new project and I have a rough 
template. If you'd like me to send it to you, email me off list.

- mark

>    Hi there,
>    I would like to use docbook as the format for the documentation in 
>several projects I'm working on now. The idea is having a set of related 
>documents, in a tree hierarchy, containing, among other things, the 
>requirements of the application specified as use cases. One of the things I 
>need in this documentation is to be able to link to other documents, so I 
>don't have duplicated and/or bloated specifications, making the 
>documentation more readable. So now the questions:
>    I thought about using the simple docbook schema, as I don't need a lot 
>of the things that appear in the whole schema, but this schema doesn't seem 
>to support linking between documents. So what's the best solution? Should I 
>go for the whole schema? Or is there any way to link between documents 
>using the simple schema? (I forgot to mention... the main output format 
>will be html). Maybe instead of having a lot of small documents I should 
>have just a dockbook document for the whole documentation set and generate 
>from this several html documents with links to each other? How can I 
>achieve any of the above (I mean, what tools should I use)?
>    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
>    Thanks in advance, regards
>    Jose
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