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Subject: Re: Ruminations on the future of DocBook

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/ ed nixon <ed.nixon@LynnParkPlace.org> was heard to say:
| <RantToFollow/>
| Why are there all these posts about solutions when there is so little
| understanding or consensus about how this is all going to happen, to
| be managed? If the change process itself is not pretty clearly defined
| including the definition of the goals to be achieved, then everything
| that comes down the line with "[docbook]Ruminations" in the subject
| line is going to be rapidly asymptotic to chewed grass. IMHO.

Part of my motivation for starting this thread was to explore the
design space more broadly. The lack of understanding or consensus at
this stage seems perfectly natural and useful. If we reach a consensus
about our goals, then we'll need to make sure we have a well defined
change process.

| Constructive suggestions, made in good faith (yes mine, for example
| about cutting back to an XHTML mapping) deserve more than a polite
| reply or two to highlight the thundering silence and lack of
| discussion. On the other hand, if I'm mistaken and the purpose of this
| thread is simply to inform rather than gather feedback, why not just
| get on with the changes and report back when they're done? It should
| be clear that an unstructured and free flowing mailing-list is not the
| way to collect real input, requirements or feedback. Can we not put
| the list's magnificent technical expertise and experience to work to
| create a consultation that is open, works and even arrives at a decent
| solution?

I thought we could collect real input, requirements, and feedback from
the list. If not, from where can it come?

                                        Be seeing you,

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