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Subject: Re: [SLIDES] what about toc?

On 17 Jul, Norman Walsh wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> / pcasidy@casidy.com was heard to say:
> | The problem I have is I don't get is how to generate a toc of all my
> | foilgroups and a toc for each foilgroup.
> |
> | Any ideas are welcome.
> I think I added that recently as an option.

Sorry but i would like a pointer.

My xml has the following structure


..... several <foil><title>xx</title></foil>

and so on.

xsltproc -o foils.fo --nonet --catalogs slides-3.1.0/xsl/fo/plain.xsl \

and twice: pdlatex foils.tex

with foils.tex being:
\input xmltex

Please let me know if there is a way to have a new foil inserted for
each foilgroup with a list of titles of each foils.

I am used to DocBook SGML/DSSSL and new to DOCBOOK XML/XSL

Thanks a lot


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