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Subject: Profiling question


My colleague and I have been discussing how to
design and implement profiling (conditional text)
in our XML documents.

The people who use our product can have multiple
roles and job duties. These roles and job duties
determine which screens and functions are available
in the product. There is no one-to-one correllation
between roles/duties and screens/functions; in other
words, people from several different roles/duties
may use the same screen/functions, but in different

We will know which roles/duties can use specific
screens/functions, but we will not know which roles/
duties people will have. For this reason, we were
thinking that the best solution would be to associate
numerous roles/duties to a single chunk of XML-formatted
text and pass each person's roles/duties as parameters
during transformation.

Is it possible to assign numerous values to an
attribute, e.g. condition="roleA,roleB,duty1,duty2"?
If not, has anyone else found another way to set up
profiling for numerous roles/duties?



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