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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: [SLIDES] what about toc?

On 18 Jul, Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:
> * pcasidy@casidy.com:
>> On 17 Jul, Norman Walsh wrote:
>> > / pcasidy@casidy.com was heard to say:
>> >
>> > | The problem I have is I don't get  is how to generate a toc of all
>> > | my foilgroups and a toc for each foilgroup.
>> >
>> > I think I added that recently as an option.
>> Sorry but i would like a pointer.
> Sorry if it is a bit off-topic, but  I suggest you to give a try to Lars
> Trieloff's DHTML slides stylesheet:
> http://trieloff.net/docbook/archive/000334.html
> Hope it helps,


I had already had a look on this stylesheet which is quite impressive.
But so far, I have not been impressed by the quality of html to pdf

That's why I am looking for a fo to pdf toolchain.

I know there is fop but it requires java.


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