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Subject: Re: [docbook] [SLIDES] what about toc?

On Sunday, July 20, 2003, at 04:28 PM, pcasidy@casidy.com wrote:

> On 20 Jul, Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:
>> On Saturday, July 19, 2003, at 10:14 AM, pcasidy@casidy.com wrote:
>>> I know there is fop but it requires java.
>> Java and FOP are IMHO simpler to understand than TeX and PassiveTex.
>> On FreeBSD you may want to build the JDK with the port java/jdk14.  
>> FOP
>> is also available in a port IIRC and installs in
>> $(PREFIX)/share/java/classes, so you have to declare the entries there
>> in the CLASSPATH environment variable to use FOP on the command line
>> with something like "java org.apache.fop.apps.Fop".
> Sure but it requires Linux binaries to build. I plan to switch as soon
> as possible from an x86 platform to a powerpc one and i am not sure to
> be able to build jdk on it.

As far as I know, FreeBSD is not running on powerpc.  What OS will you 
be running?  Linux works well on powerpc and there is a JDK available 
AFAIK.  If you intend to run NetBSD, you are avoiding Java 
intentionally :-)

Do you hate *that* much Java?
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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